PET Insulation Film & Supporting Tape for Flexible Flat Cable (FFC)

We supply PET insulation films and supporting tapes for Flexible Flat Cable (FFC). FFC is used for wiring of electronic devices such as printer, audio, DVD-Rom, automotive etc.


Insulation Films for FFC (Flexible Cable)


Our insulation film for flexible flat cable (FFC) receives high reputation from the market especially because of high level of specifications, such as, flame retardancy, insulation, bonding strength (with cable and films), heat resistance, endurance to move etc. Special films fully complying with environmental requirement is also available.


Composition Layers


We have 3 different type of insulation films: 1. standard grade, 2. halogen free grade and 3. automotive grade. Our standard grade is used widely for home appliances. We have environmentaly friendly adhesive that is halogen free grade. Our automotive grade is used for FFC in airbag systems in automotives.


Standard Insulation Films

Halogen Free Insulation Films

Insulation films forAitomotive FFC (SRC)



PBB free, PBDEs free

FFC for SRC (Steering Rotary Connector)
Our insulation films are used in the flexible flat cable in steering rotary connectors or clock spring of car-airbags from major automotive companies.

Characteristics of Automotive Grade


RIKEN Automotive Grade has high bonding strength in wide temperture


We have supporing tapes on FFC with a number of colors and different thickness. Supporting tape is used as a protection and support of Flexible Flat Cables. 

Supporting Tape


Composition Layers


Supporting Tapes

  • 80 degree heat resistant PET/HM=50/30

  • 105 degree heat resistant<1>

  • 105 degree heat resistant<2>

  • Airbag

  • Thermosetting resin substitution